About me:

In 1970, immediately after becoming a member of CKC I become active in Boxer Club and began to breed German Boxers. After obtaining all the requirements, I have signed  as a student judge. Soon after that in organization of Boxer Club I was holding first course in dog training (firstly for Boxers and then all other utility breeds), and became president of the first Breeding Commission in Croatia (until then there have been independent breeding managers). Few years later,  I have taken a course in Slovenia becoming first person in Croatia who successfully completed a course for training course manager under Mr. J. Hojan, Mr. M. Zidar and Mr. V.Gerbec. In 1973 I passed an exam for a judge for utility dogs.                                                                                                    
In 1976, with support of some fellows- Mr. R. Korica, Mr. S.Kukić, Mr. Di M. Popovic, Mr. B. Sikic, Mr. J. Škavić, Mr. D. Kodrnja  I was one of the founders of our first club for training of dogs-KOSSP, which is still working successfully under the same name. That same year I registered kennel "Crveni Baron" under whose name I have bred one of the first Yugoslavian  and  Boxers, breeding exclusively out of country in line breeding (with dogs that are still known as the most powerful producers in breed). Around 1980 I began with the breeding of grey and first white poodles in our country by getting breeding material from UK.. In 1983 I got for use in breeding and training Labrador   in cooperation with the police. Also I got Dachsbracke for hunting and breeding with which I have achieved remarkable results in the breeding and  various competitions. After the separation of CKC from Yugoslavian federation, for a short period I was on the position of the president of Expert Commission of CKC. Until 1991 I remained active in cynology but then because of my recruitment I was forced to give away all my dogs except one Labrador female. 
After returning from the war, in 1996,  I recognizes the need to establish Retriever Club, and with the support of President Mr Marko Medar and groups of enthusiasts, I founded and lead the same (with a brief interruption) for three terms (12 years).  
In 1997 I  was awarded with a golden badge of Boxer Club for extreme participation  in club activities and progress and along with Mr. Radovan Korica I become  honorable  lifetime  member of the Boxer Club. In the meantime, from 1996 till 2002  I passed the exam for FCI Groups III, IV, VI, VII and VIII as well as exams for all breeds of hunting dogs.
In 1999 I  became a president of  Commission for breeding of utility dogs (I was successsfully on that duty until 2009).  In the same period, up to 2004 I was  
pedigree book manager for hunting breeds.  During that period I am getting one Labrador female from Great Britain breeding her also with foreign males, passing an alphabet for the third time, with a lot of success in both sports and the working cynology. Meanwhile, in 2007 I  became an honorable life member of Retriever Club.  All this period I was active in the work of CKC, from participating in drafting of  Regulations of Expertise Work to variety of other normative acts of CKC, as well as in organization of many specialties and trials of Retrievers. For many years I am participating  in the organization of each CACIB Zagreb (and European shows which was held in Zagreb).  I've received number of diplomas and praises for  my  contribution in clubs and Kennel Club who awarded me with the golden badge in 2008 for merit and work.
Nowadays, I am a member of various breed clubs as well as of the Disciplinary Committee of CKC.
In June of 2011 I became an all-round judge which is making me being the only judge in Croatia having both all round title and judge for work of all hunting dogs. 
In the meantime, I judged all over the world (Russia, all Scandinavian countries, China, Australia, New Zealand and all over Europe) many times at special, national and international exhibitions, which I continue today.
Biography of  my 54 years in cynology

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