25th to 28th of April 2024 at Zagreb Fair, Zagreb - Croatia

On Wednesday 24th April 2023 – International dog show – for all breeds
limited to 4.000 dogs

Thursday 25th of April
FCI Group 1
FCI Group 7
FCI Group 10

Friday 26th of April 

FCI Group 3
FCI Group 6
FCI Group 8

Saturday 27th of April
FCI Group 5
FCI Group 9

Sunday 28th of April
FCI Group 2
FCI Group 4
FCI Non Recognized Breeds
Best in Show

Thursday 25th of April

FCI Group 1

FCI Group 7

FCI Group 10

Friday 26th of April

FCI Group 3

FCI Group 6

FCI Group 8

Saturday 27th of April

FCI Group 5

FCI Group 9

Sunday 28th of April

FCI Group 2

FCI Group 4

FCI Non Recognized Breeds

Best in Show

Judging starts at 8:30h

Judging will not start before 13,00h

The judges list for the World Dog Show and Croatia Winner Show are available online at:


The judges list for the International Spring dog show is available online at:


Your dog does not need any qualifications to participate in the WDS or any connected dog show


The tickets for Adults are EUR 10

Children (under 12) EUR 0.00


Yes, there will be different breed specialties organized by breed clubs.


Zagreb Fair, Avenija Dubrovnik 15, 1000 Zagreb

The WDS will take place in 7 halls.


Dogs with cropped ears and/or docked tails can not partecipate in shows, with the exclusion of hunting dogs.

If your dog has a short tail, please provide a DNA test to prove the tail was not docked.

If your dog has a long tail, an indicated document is not required.


List of the hunting dog breeds:

  • English Cocker Spaniel 
  • Fox Terrier Smooth,
  • Rövidszörü Magyar Vizsla,
  • Epagneul Breton,
  • Deutsch Drahthaar, 
  • Weimaraner Kurzhaarig,
  • Weimaraner Langhaarig,
  • Deutsche Jagdterrier,
  • Deutsche Wachtelhund,
  • Griffon A Poil Dur Korthals,
  • Clumber Spaniel,
  • Epagneul De Pontaudemer,
  • Deutsch Langhaar,
  • Deutsch Kurzhaar ,
  • Field Spaniel,
  • English Springer Spaniel, 
  • Welsh Springer Spaniel,
  • Sussex Spaniel,
  • Braque Francais Type Gascogne,
  • Braque Français - Type Pyrenees,
  • Fox Terrier Wire,
  • Braque De L'ariege,
  • Braque Du Bourbonnais, 
  • Braque D'auvergne,
  • Perdigueiro Português,
  • Bracco Italiano,
  • Pudelpointer,
  • Deutsch Stichelhaar,
  • Drötzörü Magyar Vizsla,
  • Ceský Fousek,
  • Slovenský Hrubosrstý Stavac (Ohar),
  • Parson Russell Terrier 

For the different Croatian Champion titles, special regulations will be applied.

check it here

The CAC can be given to all 1 excelent dogs from
- Intermedia class
- Open class
- Working class
- Champion class

The Junior Winner is given in Junior class.
Veteran Winner is given in Veteran class.


Dogs should be vaccinated against rabies and should have an international health certificate (PET PASSPORT). 

The vaccination must have taken place at least 21 days before the show.

For the duration of validity, the validity date noted in the pet passport applies.


To enter CROATIA, you must have a valid travel document recognized by EU, such as a passport or identity card. 

Please check the entry regulations for your own country.



You are welcome to contact us by e-mail under the following address: entries@worlddogshow2024.com

    We have four entry deadlines:

    First is on 10th of December 2023,
    Second on 10th of January 2024,
    Third on 10th of February 2024 and
    Last one, on 10th of March 2024.

    First entry deadline 95 EUR,
    second entry deadline 105 EUR,
    third entry deadline 115 EUR,
    last entry deadline 125 EUR.

    There is a discount for multiple dogs.

    • all entry fee check it here

    The discount works only for the same owner and not a co-owner.

    Only for junior till champion class.

    So there is no discount if the second dog is entered in veteran, minor puppy or puppy class.

    Yes, you can! 

    Adjustments of a class are possible via the registration page by yourself.
    For this you will need to pay a fee.
    The adjustment will be taken into account only when the fee is paid.
    adjustment is allowed until the final deadline.

    Until the last deadline for entries, it is possible to make changes and cancellations of the shows and refunds are possible minus the admin costs of Onlinedogshows. A 10 EUR administration fee for each dog by show will apply to refunds.

    After the last deadline, it is not possible to make any changes to the entries (registrations, cancellations, changes) and it is not possible to refund money or transfer money to another exhibition.


    The pre-judgements will take place in the separate ring.

      Only the single group aged 10-18 (less than 18 years of age on the date of the first day of the International Open Junior Handling Competition) years will be allowed to take part in the Open Junior Handling competitions taking place on each day of the FCI World Dog Show.

        The show organiser will confirm the participation of each junior handler early enough before the competitions and they will also get clear written and publicised instructions about ALL Junior Handling Competitions taking place during World dog show.

        The Final Junior Handling Competition will be arranged on the last day of the FCI World show in the Main Ring just before the group competitions and Best in show programme begins.

        The junior handler may participate each day in the daily Open Competitions unless he/she has already been placed among the best three (3) on one of the Open Competition days.

        The breeds handled in the Junior Handling competition do not necessarily have to be the same as those which are judged in the World Show on the same day, but dogs that are handled in Junior Handling have to be entered at the WDS.

        If you have any questions, please contact Ivan Kovačić, main coordinator for JH at the World dog show Zagreb 2024 on email: mailto:juniorhandling@worlddogshow2024.com


        During your visit to the World Dog Show, you have access to the inside and outside parking.

        Inside parking is situated near every hall, and there is limited space.

        Map: https://worlddogshow2024.com/parking-and-motorhome


        For the inside parking, it is not possible.

        We strongly advise you to book outside parking before the show.


        Map: https://worlddogshow2024.com/parking-and-motorhome



        During your visit to the World Dog Show, there is inside parking near the halls.

        Map: https://worlddogshow2024.com/parking-and-motorhome


        Yes, the camping area will be equipped with toilets and showers.

        Map: https://worlddogshow2024.com/parking-and-motorhome



        To find out more about how we use the personal data we collect, please see our data protection policy.