About me:

VELIMIR SRUK was born in Gračec in 1952, a small village near the Zagreb. He graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb in 1978 . In 1980 he completed postgraduate studies in Health Ecology at the Medical Faculty in Zagreb. After taking two other specialist postgraduate courses at the Veterinary Faculty in Zagreb, he acquired a Master of Science Degree. He obtained his Ph.D. in 2010 with the scientific work focusing on the "Detection and epizootiological significance of mycobacteria in the wildlife in the Republic of Croatia ….“ So far, he has published few scientific works relating to biomedicine, health care and hunting.


Breeding German Shorthaired pointers has been passion since 1983 under his prefix “Hunter s dream of Gračec and has fourteen generation in his kennel up until present time. His breeding is based on Czech ,,German, Italian and Croatian blondness . Velimir s kennel is not big and he doesn’t breed a litter each year because his work obligations don’t allow him the space and time to devote enough attention to many dogs at once, preferring to retain a couple of bitches at a time for breeding. He strongly believes in trying to improve the qualities of breed in both directions having a good shape as well as excellent hunting abilities. He is Vice president Croatian kennel club and President of Croatian kurzhar club for over twenty years as well as being a member of  FCI Commission for Continental dogs. He has judged all over Europe including Spain, France, Italy, Finland, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Serbia and also in Australia and Argentina.


He is qualified to judge FCI groups IV, VI, VII, VIII and several breeders from group III as well as all breeders in hunting tests and trials for many years. He has judged in World Championship fields trials and German Shorthaired pointers and St. Hubert.

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