About me:

I was born in 1973 in Zagreb, capital city in the Republic of Croatia.


My cynology journey began in 1989 when I went to dog school with my German Shepherd. Dog training and dog psychology interested me more and more so in 1991, I received a license to train people and dogs, and that's when my professional work with dogs began. Throughout the years I have worked with different types of dogs and for different purposes.


First litter I bred back in 1992. with my Airedale Terrier. I also bred German boxers with which I had great success in exhibitions. In 1994, I was elected as the head coach at the Boxer club, and in 1996, I was elected to enter the Executive Board.


Rhodesian Ridgebacks entered my life and heart in 1992 when I met my current wife, who was the first Rhodesian Ridgeback breeder in the Republic of Croatia. In 2000, I started breeding and working with Ridgebacks in Ayaba Kennel. We bred more than 70 champions in our kennel and some of our dogs became genetic base in other kennels throughout the world.


In 2004, on my initiative, Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Zagreb was founded, where I was elected as the club secretary and in 2016, I was elected as the club president. Within the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club I have organized 15 club exhibitions and numerous seminars. 


Throughout my career in cynology, I have held many seminars both in Croatia and abroad, as well as hands-on workshops and personal trainings.  Some topics of my lectures are: Inteligence and basic trainings with dogs, Trainings with specific purpose (finding drugs and explosives), Biomechanic of movement and construction of Rhodesian Ridgebacks, How to show your dog (handling seminars) etc.


Since 2016 I am a member of the Committee for Breeding all Sports and Working Dogs in the Croatian Kennel Club. 2019 I became a Rhodesian Ridgeback FCI judge. 2022 I become international FCI judge and Posavac hound, Coonhound and Dalmatiner FCI judge.

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