About me:

Since my childhood I was surrounded with animals, especially dogs.  I was born in a house full of Old English sheepdogs – bobtails. Under Dilemma prefix were bred and owned many champions in this breed. 

In 1998 we started with Shih Tzu and in 2007 with Lhasa Apsos and since then,  in our home we owned numerous BIS winners and bred more than 90 champions all over the world. In 2013 another wonderful breed - Dachshund –stepped into Dilemma home, while in 2018 it was completed with breed with great personality - Shiba. In Lhasa Apsos and Dachshunds we owned and bred top dogs of all times in our country, winners of BIS and Groups on many prestigious shows as well World winners in breed. 

In 2019 I became a FCI licensed national judge for Dachshunds. Later I have successfully passed all exams for breeds of Group  IX, part of group V and I became International FCI judge in 2022. I am planning to continue my education.

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