About me:

My first dogs I ever had were English Cocker Spaniels. I trained my dogs for hunting and showed them also successfully on many shows. I bred few litters, and it was important for me, that all my breeding bitches had hunting exams. After several years I became a special judge of English Cocker Spaniels and some years later I was able to judge FCI group VIII, it was my first FCI group.

 This was in 1985. Then I fell in love with Labradors and since this time I love to work and hunt with Labs and my dogs were very successful on shows too.

 I bred under affix “vom Weiten Land” only few litters, but I am very proud that some National and International Champions were born in my kennel. I started with my dogs on various hunting tests, because I am a lover of “dual purpose” Labradors.

Now I am approved to judge FCI- groups II, IV, VI, VII, VIII, X and many breeds of group IX. I have had the honor to judge on many shows in several countries all over the world, especially on many World Dog Shows and European Shows. My heart belongs to hunting dogs, but I appreciate all breeds. I’m also approved judge for hunting tests and hunting trials.

It`s very important for me – in every breed -that a dog must be “fit for function”, that means to me, a dog should be able to do, what he is bred for!

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