About me:

Although I lived with dogs since my earliest childhood,my first pedigree dog arrived in my home in 1997.It was a female american staffordshire terrier with whom I started participating in dog shows and later started my breeding program. Since then I haven’t parted with this breed.I bred about 25 litters with many national and international champions.Since I have always been a fan of working with dogs,I  always payed a lot of attention to character.For some time I also devoted myself to training dogs for military and police purposes,mostly with belgian malinois and german shepherd.I even had two litters of malinois. I always wanted to breed some small breed besides amstaff,so finaly 6 years ago I started to breed longhair rabbit dachshunds.For the last ten years I am also a falconer and for hunting together with my birds I use pointing dogs.In that period I worked with german short and rough hair pointers and now with english pointer. In 2010. I became a FCI judge,first for terrier type bull and now I judge groups 3,4,9 and 10.

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