About me:

International judge for FCI group X., some breeds from group V. and lure coursing


My name is MAJA ČOSIĆ and I live in the Northern Croatia with my husband and our two borzois. Lawyer by profession, I work with international social benefits.


Reading books about different breeds since my early age, I noticed the elegant hunting breed from Russia – borzoi, the dog of the Tsars. I fell in love with the breed’s specific appearance and character, and decided to own one in the future. My dream came true in 2009, when I imported my first borzoi. Two more females were imported from their native land, Russia. In 2013, I registered a kennel name under the prefix Allrussian and bred my first borzoi litter in 2015.


Becoming an active member of Sighthounds Club, I was involved in organising almost every sighthound event in Croatia in over a decade. Working with a great team of enthusiasts, I have spearheaded the recognition of lure coursing as an official sport in Croatia. Today, I am a head of Lure Coursing at Croatian Kennel Club and a Croatian delegate at FCI Commission for Sighthound Sport. I am also a long-time member of the Croatian Kennel Club’s Disciplinary commission.


In my free time, I love to write articles about sighthounds for both Croatian and foreign magazines. Some of them describing sighthounds in sport, history and art were translated into English, German and Italian language.


Earning my judging licence in 2017, I had an honour to judge shows and lure coursing events across the EU, mainly in Croatia, Hungary, Sweden, France, Austria, Slovenia and Germany.


I am very proud and overwhelmed to be part of World Dog Show 2024 in Zagreb and I am looking forward to judge at Croatia winner show!

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