About me:

I was born in 1955. in Županja where I still live today as a retired doctor of veterinary medicine. 

As a 14 years old, in 1971, my parents gave me my first dog, which was a Dalmatian dog, that there starts my love for breed, and shortly after that, in 1972.  I've also become a member of HKS (Croatian Kennel Club). 

My love for cynology, especially for the Dalmatian dog, greatly influenced my decision to become a veterinarian, and the fact that I chose the subject of cynology for my master's degree and another indigenous breed of – Croatian sheepdog, 
it speaks of my commitment to my dedication and love for cynology and especially toward Croatian autochthonous breeds.

1974.  In 1976, I  bought a Dalmatian dog named Charlie in England and soon after (1976).  I decided to register the kennel under the name "Županjska". 

I became a kennel judge in 1975.  To this day, as a judge, I have judged various exhibitions in different locations from beautiful Croatia to exotic Turkey.

1985.  In 2001, together with members of the Kinological Association Županja, I organized a round table on breeding standards for a Dalmatian dog and a Croatian Shepherd. 

1989.  Together with the members of the Kinological Association Županja organized a second round table on breeding standards for the Dalmatian dog, Croatian Shepherd, and Posavatz Hound. 

1990.  In 1999, I joined the Association Županja Club of Lovers of Dalmatian dog "Županja". Unfortunately, Klub did not take hold and came to life because soon after the founding of the same, the Homeland War broke out.

On several occasions until 1990, and after that, I was a member and then president of the Pcertificate for Indigenous breeds and a member of other Pcommittees in the Croatian Kennel Club. 

For two terms I was a member of the Committee for hunting dogs of the CroatianCroatian Hunting Association, for 20 years I was a lecturer and examiner of hunting cynology for hunting trainees of the Vukovar - Srijem County and the president of the committee for hunting cynology of the same county.

Over the years, I have organized about twenty exhibitions and federal dog shows with members of the Županja Kennel Club.

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