About me:

I was born into a doggy family whose home was ruled by the Pekingese.

They were my first dogs and constant companions throughout my childhood and youth.

The very first day I fulfilled the age limits in force, I took up owning, showing and breeding this wonderful breed under my own kennel name LIWANG.

A long pampered dream of mine to introduce Basenjis into Poland came true in 1991 with the import of my and Poland's very first Basenji, she was a red/white female from the world-famous Horsley's Kennel of Jayne Wilson-Stringer.

Since then, Basenjis have become my main interest as a breeder.

23 Basenji litters later I can honestly say they are not everyone's cup of tea, but mine for sure.
All of my 5 foundation Basenjis were UK and Australian, all of them and many of their descendants bred by me had really spectacular show careers but nothing compares to Multi Champion's SELMA Liwang BOB win at Crufts 2022. Crufts 2023 was a kind of continuation of the family success when BOB winner was Selma litter brother's son.
I was lucky to have bred many other Basenjis successful both at shows and in the breeding pen but my pride and joy is that they were all true to the original type & lineage and had a reliable temperament.

My first concern has always been the welfare of my dogs and no show success can match the pride & joy of watching my puppies grow up and grow old in their loving and caring families.

My ongoing interest in dogs led me to own and breed, on a small scale, several other breeds I happened to fall in love with.

Thus Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Cairn Terriers, Smooth Chihuahuas, Tibetan Spaniels lived alternately with my family and our Basenjis.

Over last 15 years constant companions of our Basenjis have been the Whippets, fitting well into ours and Basenjis lifestyle.

I got my first license to judge Pekingese and other toy breeds; then I progressed for Hounds first, then other groups and finally, in 2005, I was granted the all breed status.

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