About me:



Judge approved by the AKC as Foreign All Breeds Judge for all groups and BIS License: 46499

I work for the National Goverment as Animal Welfare Consultant and CEO in Responsabile Pets ownership programs since 2013-2018

President of the Judge´s Board FCA for 7 years (2015 /2022)
Breeder, expositor, handler / groomer (with more than 280 championships by my own hand, executive and judge in different events of the FCA, for more than 50 years up to date.

Delegate at Judges & Shows Commissions , F.C.I

Grooming Judge FCA. ( Judging  FCI International Grooming  Dog World Contest 2022)

Judge Specialist in Sporting breeds, Afghans, Schnauzers, Bearded Collies , OES, Neapolitan Mastiff,Labradors, Chihuahuas and many other breeds
My upbringing in canine topics was both in my country and in foreign countries.
I represented Argentina successfully around the world, achieving the first Best In Group in the USA.
I am a recognized breeder of English Setter, Old English Sheepdog and Miniature Schnauzer, with the Kennel name” B.I.S”.
I bred many champions and had a t least one World Champion in each of the breeds of my kennel.
My dogs obtained four times the TOP DOG all breeds ranking in Argentina and foreign countries, winning BIS even in USA.
In the three breeds my dogs were many times Best of Breed in the year and Best of Group, getting many BIS.
Actually I breed Miniature Schnauzers and Cairn Terriers and my dogs are #1 in my country.

Top Dog All breeds 2015 with a Cairn Terrier World record breaker.

My latest Schnauzer  breeding won B.O.B at Westminster Kennel Club,2018

In my country

General pure breed seminars at the FCA. I taught in many occasions.
Seminars for Judges to be Group Judge. It took two years and I approved according to FCA and FCI regulations. It was dictated by FCA Judges.
Different seminars related to health and veterinarian topics.
Seminar for Group Judges.
Seminars related to my previous activity as handler / groomer.

In foreign countries
" Seminar about Standard, study, review and correction of the Old English Sheepdog of America, U.S. Forum for argue, formation and discussions about the breed with limited concurrence for the most representative breeders around the world. Year 1998.
" Blueprints of the Old English Sheepdog . How to judge an Old English Sheepdog and a new review of the Breed Standard, dictated by Mrs. Jere Marder (the most recognized breeder). During this seminar I talked about the utility of the Sheepdogs in Argentina, the breeding quality, some different aspects with the FCI and the way it was judged the breed in my country.
" Herding Dogs Seminar. Given by breeders and judges of the AKC for the judgment of breeds from that group.
" Seminar about Daschsund Standards organized by the D.C. of America´99
" AKC Advanced Institute on Herding Breeds. Seminar for the review and study of herding breeds, dictated by judges and breeders of different breeds from the group. Duration: four days.
" AKC Advanced Institute on Sporting breeds. Same as before for Sporting breeds.
" The Portuguese Water Dog. Organized by the PWDCA. Louisville 2001.
" Newffoundlands. Seminar organized by the Newfoundland Club of America. Louisville 2001.
" How to judge a Bullmastiff: Structure and Conformation. Louisville 2001.
" Learning to judge a Doberman Pinscher. Louisville 2001.
" A Guide to judging the Akita. Louisville2001.
" Going over a Komondor. Louisville 2001.
" A guide to judging the Alaskan Malamute. Luisville 2001.
" The Brittany: Breed presentation. Taar Heel Cluster . Raleigh. 2001.
" The Spinone Italiano. Taar Heel Cluster. Raleigh .2001.
" Viszlas: The Oficial Standard. Taar Heel Cluster2001.
" The Pug. Breed Standard. Taar Heel Cluster 2001.
" The American Esquimo. Judges Guide. Taar heel Cluster 2001.
" The Finnish Spitz . Taar heel Cluster 2001.
" Actually enrolled for other seminars the "Triangle area Education Group" and the AKC's Breeder education.
I assisted to many seminars and conferences in the international shows in my country and around the World, organized for judges and breeders.

Also . Several AKC Webinars during the CoVID Pandemia.

In my country

As a Judge´s Board Director, I updated the “Manual de Cinología”in 2018 writing new chapters and updating the whole education for breeders and new judges.

Updatind the “Curso de Cinología General” CN1 with 16 Units and online mode reaching the whole country and foreings breeders/judges.

I am one of the three members who examines future judges for the FCA.
Actually I dictate Group Seminars at the FCA.
Seminar for future judges at the Setter Club Argentino.
Seminar for breeders and judges for the Setter Club Argentino.
Seminar for breeders, keeping breeding programs. Mendoza, Argentina.
Seminar about hunting dogs. University of Veterinary.
Seminars for Group Judges. I dictated many seminars about breeds for future judges in 1999. All of them are recorded by the Judges Comittee. (Those seminars are still being dictated).
General Seminar. How to judge a dog in a show. Structure, movement, etc. University of Veterinary. October 2000.
I have dictated many seminars about grooming and keeping pure breed dogs. Even when this seminars are not official or specific, I must say that were useful to make extensive the FCA activity and role in Argentina.
I am dictating actualy general seminars too.
SICALAM Congress 2002 (R.O.U)
SICALAM Congress 2003 (Argentina).




Several Webinars all over during the Pandemia


Introduction to Canine Pure Breed World ( 2003 ) F.C.V
Seminars about grooming and pure breed dogs in general (2000,2001,2002 2003 2004, 2005)
Grooming for beginners Level I FCV 2005 2006
In foreign countries
The Old English Sheepdog in Argentina. I was a member of the breeders board to show the situation of the breed in Argentina, Tokyo, Japan
Seminar about grooming in USA.
Seminar about groomming all breeds, Caracas Venezuela.
Seminar to qualify and train judges, Ecuador.
Seminar about grooming show dogs , Bogotá, Colombia
Seminar for extending licenses of judges from groups 1, 2 , 5, 7 at the FCA.
Seminar for extending licenses of judges from group 5, Colombia.
Seminar about the work in the ring for judges, Bogotá, Colombia.
Topics about judging, Bogotá, Colombia, 2010.
Seminar about grooming in high performance, Bogotá, Colombia, 2010
Introduction for the commercial grooming of pets, Colombia 2010.

Seminars Sporting breeds for novel judges

Seminar to  Judges education all over the World.
" All rounder judge FCA - FCI.
Specialty judge of Old English Sheepdog, Giant, Standard and Miniature Schnauzers, Siberian Husky, Setters, Kurzhaar, Afghan Hounds
I have judge in all the continents since I obtained my license in 2004.
Highlighting shows as the World Dog Show in Argentina, with breeds and

Group 10.

I  re wrote and edited the New Cinologic Manual Ilustrated for the F.C A and a new Cinologic Basic Course at 3 levels,, for breeders and judges

“Grooming topics at conformation shows.” at World Dog Judges Congress , Brazil 2022

Also  atended shows in Finland, Sweden, USA,Canada Brazil,Swizerland,Russia,Honduras, Colombia,Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Chile,Perú, Uruguay,India,Australia, N.Zealand,Tasmania, South Africa,Bolivia, China El salvador, Venezuela,Panama,Paraguay , Uruguay etc.

 I judged the European Dog Show , France, 2022

 I judged at W.D.S Brazil 2022 and W.D.S Swizterland 2023

Also I judged The “1st  FCI World Dog Grooming Contest” as a Grooming Judge, Brazil 2022


" I consider myself as a true dog people and I gave all my life to the dog world with 50 years of activity back to back”

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