About me:

Firstly I would like to introduce myself;

MICK SVALJEK  from  Melbourne  Australia,

 My involvement with Dogs goes back to my childhood days, owning German Shepherd Dogs from the time that I can remember.

 My involvement with Rottweilers began in 1990 when I was first introduced to them by Friends that were breeding them at the time, since then I have been dedicated to this magnificent breed.

In 1994, I registered the Kennel prefix Svawill Rottweiler’s and have bred many ANKC Aust. Champions and Multi winning Dogs in the Specialty Arena.

My interest with Rottweilers does not only extend to Confirmation, I have been involved in the Working Discipline aspects of Rottweilers as a member of the Southern Cross Dog Sport Club where I had  the opportunity in gaining a broad knowledge & experience in the very important aspect of Rottweiler temperament and working suitability. I have been a past President of the Rottweiler Club of Victoria and an ongoing member of the Club for over 27 years.

 I have been fortunate to have Judged Rottweilers Internationally, with some highlights being the Belgium KS Show, IFR World Dog Show 2013 in Denmark, Croatian KS show and recently the Australian National’s 2022.

I also have an Australian National Kennel Council Championship License to judge 39 other Breeds in the Utility Group. I have judged the Utility Group internationally, In South Africa, New Zealand , Hungary & Indonesia with the highlight of being appointed to Judge The association Of All Mastiff Breeds Championship Show in Victoria – Australia which at that time was a Record entry for this Show.

I am honoured to be Judging at your Show.

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