About me:

I have been in close contact with a dog since I was born though at that time my parents had a pet dog. When he passed away my parents agreed to have a Boxer as for all of us it was the nicest dog in the world. So I got my first pure bred Boxer when I was 12 years old. I was lucky to get a nice show dog, so I got very enthusiastic about showing and training. Since that dogs occupy large part, if not the largest, of my life. For many years I have bred Boxers and have been Chairman of Latvian Boxer Club 1981-1995. At the moment I am happy owner of three Cavalier King Charles spaniel boys. Before becoming a Dog show judge I became trainee and judge for general obedience and special trials. In 1984 I become a Dog show judge and gradually stopped my training dogs. Since 2012 all-breed judge. At the moment I work for Latvian Cynological Federation as Bureau administrator and I am also the member of the Board, till 2021 also chairman of Judges Committee. Have judged in most of the European countries including several European and World dog shows as well as in Australia, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Argentina, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Colombia, Uruguay and Peru.

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