About me:

I was born in Split in 1961, but I have spent most of my life in Rijeka with my family.
My world has been shaped by love for dogs, growing up in a family that shares that passion. Throughout my entire life, dogs have been my constant companions. 

In 1987, I became the owner of my first dog, a beautiful Doberman, which introduced me to the fascinating world of cynology.
I established my breeding kennel "V. Julius Galle" in 1988. Initially, I bred Dobermans, but over the years, I have also dedicated myself to miniature smooth-haired Dachshunds. 

My journey as a cynology judge began in 1994 when I successfully passed my first exam. Over the years, I have passed several breed exams and now I am a certified judge for Dobermans, all Schnauzers, and dogs from the 4 F.C.I. group.
Dogs have not only been but are and will always be my greatest love, and serving as a judge in dog shows is an opportunity for me to share that love with the entire cynological world.  

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