About me:

« Beautiful Dogs » virus has caught me back in 1947 right at my time of birth in Brittany (Western France) and has never left me since!

Throughout my career as a computer engineer, now retired, I have bred Collies, Shetlands then Old English Sheepdogs and at last Shar Peis under the registered kennels name “Du Fort de Cornouailles”.

Magnificent individuals within these breeds have rewarded my work through time with wins and multiple titles such as World Winner, FCI International Beauty and French champions whilst giving me opportunities to deepen my knowledge of dog’s health, locomotion and function.

1979, I was starting my judging career in France, 1982 under FCI rules and 2009 becoming an all rounder.

It has been great honor and pleasure traveling worldwide, observing different dog cultures whilst awarding prices to beautiful dogs with conscientious exhibitors.

As a Vice-President of the French Kennel Club (since 2012) [Member of the Board since 1991 _ Vice Treasurer (1994); Treasurer (2001)], President of the Brittany Region Kennel Club, President of the Collie Club of France ( 1997-2020), and President of the French Kennel Club (SCC) Herding Dogs Commission (since 1993) I am looking forward to meeting You and your dog in your beautiful country.

« Beautiful Dogs » virus has spread through my whole body except for a bit I have managed to save for photography. Indeed the eighth art fascinates me.

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