About me:

Imran Husain is a lifelong lover of dogs. At the age of 7, he slept in the kennel with his first GSD as he couldn’t bear to be away from her. He has been a breeder since 1962 and a prolific international exhibiter since the age of 10. Mr. Husain has also been an international judge since 1977 and is a FCI all breeds judge, having the opportunity of judging, breeds, groups and BIS in more than 30 countries. He is a Founder Member of the Kennel Club of Pakistan and has served as Chairman of the Show Committee for 28 years. He is currently the President of the GSDC Pakistan.


Since founding the SV “Zwinger von der Fürstenperle" in Germany, 40 years ago, he has bred many highly graded dogs in show and working competitions all over the world. Imran Husain has the utmost honor of owning 5 Weltsiegers: Assja Geigerklause (1959), Mutz Kückstrasse (1962), Zibu Haus Schütting (1964), Perle Wildsteiger Land (1982) and Ober Bad Boll (2010), in addition to multiple VAs and Junior Winners.


His family and he have the privilege of having owned 4 Crufts Supreme BIS winners, the Cocker Tracy Witch, Greyhound Golden Falcon and the GSDs Nibelung and Swashbuckler. He has owned English Champions in Afghans, Boxers, Chows and Gundogs and has bred a World Junior Winner Dachshund and owned a World Winner Dachshund.


Outside of his unwavering devotion to the German Shepherd Dog breed and dogs in General, Mr. Husain is a businessman in the Sugar and Telecom sector in his native Pakistan, sits on the Board of Directors of multiple corporations in the food, investments and Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) spaces, as well as being heavily involved in the national game of cricket, along with other sports, and with charitable organizations. Imran has also had the joy of passing on his lifelong love and knowledge of dogs to his two daughters.

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