Welcome info

Dear exhibitors, visitors, judges and friends,

Believe it or not - here we are! In the next five days almost 25000 dogs of almost 400 different breeds will be judged in the halls of Zagreb Fair! Thank you for your trust and support, we are looking forward to welcome you and wish you all a safe journey and pleasant stay in our beautiful country!

Here are once again all the most important information for all of you:

1. From Thursday till Sunday you can all visit the stand of our general sponsor Farmina because they have prepared special gifts for all our exhibitors!
2. If your dog gets all the necessary titles to become a champion you can claim your title online at onlinedogshows.eu
3. Follow regularly the traffic situation on the following link https://www.hak.hr/info/stanje-na-cestama?lang=en... and use online navigation which will help you find the fastest route to your destination during the rush hours!
4. It is not possible anymore to change or cancel your entries or get the refund for unused entry fees, parking or visitor tickets.
5. Catalog numbers were emailed to all of you one week ago together with the entrance tickets and all necessary information - if you didn’t receive them you can find them in your profile at https://www.onlinedogshows.eu/en/
6. If your entry card has a special note which says “collect your entry card at the secretariat” - please come to the show office in the Congress hall of the Zagreb Fair before the judging starts!
7. All the visitors without dogs should use the entrance JUG 1 (South 1) where they can buy their entry tickets.
8. Entrance for the pre-reserved and paid parking inside of the fences of the Zagreb Fair: WEST (ZAPAD) 2 - GPS coordinates of entrance: 45°46'46.0"N 15°57'59.1"E Wednesday, April 24th - Sunday, April 28th from 05,30 till 20,00 o’clock (you must arrive at the gate till 7,00 o’clock the latest - after this time entrance inside the fair will be enabled in reasonable time intervals due to security reasons)
9. Entrance for the pre-reserved and paid parking outside of the fences of the Zagreb Fair: large gravel parking EAST (ISTOK) - GPS coordinates: 45°46'52.6"N 15°58'42.9"E Wednesday, April 24th - Sunday, April 28th from 06,00 till 21,00 o’clock.
10. Entrance for pre-reserved and paid parking for the motorhomes: EAST (ISTOK) 1 - 3 Wednesday, April 24th - Sunday, April 28th from 06,00 til 21,00 o’clock (entrance is from 14,00 till 21,00 o’clock on arrival day and exit from 6,00 till 21,00 o’clock the latest on your departure day).
11. Don’t forget to visit our special stand where you will be able to buy number of different WDS 2024 branded items to have as a memory of your visit!

Welcome to Zagreb, welcome to Croatia - enjoy your stay and we wish you best of luck