World Dog Show ~ Best in Show judges

There is one more thing we need to share with you are the judges for the finals of the World dog show! But hey, you didn’t really think we will publish them all at once? Here is the first part...  
The excitement is growing, entries for all shows are amazing, three breeds are now having more than 200 dogs entered for the WDS and many are coming close to that number!

We know you are all excited to find out the rest of the judges for the finals for our World dog show so here are the judges for the Junior FCI groups

Someone needs to decide which ten dogs will be competing for the prestigious title of the Best In Show of the World Dog Show 2024 and here are their names!

It is our great honour to introduce you the Junior Best in Show judge for the World Dog Show 2024 - Mrs Jasna Matejcic from Croatia!

Jasna was surrounded with animals all her life - first with horses, and later with dogs to which she dedicated her whole life as a breeder, exhibitor and FCI judge.
Her first breed were the Old English Sheepdogs, in 1998 she started with the Shih Tzus and in 2007 with the Lhasa Apsos. Nowadays she still has Lhasas and she is very passionate about two other breeds she breeds and shows with the great success for years - Smooth haired Dachshunds and Shibas.
Under her Dilemma prefix Jasna bred during the years hundreds of Champions all over the world and she owned and/or bred multiple World & European Winners, all breed & Specialty Best in Show winners.
Jasna passed her first exam for British Sheepdogs in 1994 and in 2014 became an all breeds judge. She has judged all around the world and we are sure she will enjoy her assignment at the World Dog Show in Zagreb!

Someone also needs to choose three best dogs of the World Dog Show 2024 and that honour is given to Mr Niksa Lemo from Croatia!

Niksa has passed his first exam for Dobermanns in 1992 and in 2010 he became an all breeds judge. He judged many of the most prestigious all breed & specialty shows on all six continents including the European and World dog shows, Sydney Royal, Westminster and many others.

Niksa is a university professor and board-certified veterinary dermatologist and he teaches veterinary dermatology and canine science at Zagreb University. He regularly conducts seminars for student judges, judges and breeders and he has published a number of scientific papers in the field of veterinary dermatology and internal diseases. He is currently a full professor and director of the University Veterinary Hospital of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagreb and a regional representative of EBVS and an expert of EAEVE for the evaluation of veterinary universities/schools in Europe.

Niksa breeds Miniature Schnauzers and he has also owned, co-owned, and/or shown Dobermanns, Pugs, Standard Schnauzers, German Shorthaired Pointers, Tibetan Mastiffs, Tibetan Spaniels and Norwich Terriers.

We are sure Niksa will enjoy this wonderful assignment and we hope many of you will stay with us on Sunday night for the Best in Show finals!