About me:

Born in Koprivnica, Croatia on 05.09.1984, by proffesion is a graduate economist. In the world of labradors is from the earliest childhood thanks to his father who started breeding dogs in 1981. He own a "CAPRONCA" kennel known for breeding Labrador Retrivers worldwide. Dogs from his kennel have found their home in America, Asia and almost every country in Europe. His first labrador was the black female Capronca Rona, but for the beginning and the entry into professional kinology world, the chocolate labrador Wambo, Wafel Gorska Fantazja is the moust responsible. With him he went throughout Europe and won numerous awards.

He is a longtime member of the Croatian Kennel Club, Retriever Club of Croatia and vice-president of Kennel Club of  Koprivnica, his home town. After many years of breeding and attending dog shows, it was time to transfer his longtime knowledge to other exhibitors, and in 2018 he became FCI judge, a breed specialist for Labrador Retriever. At the moment he have a license for all  Retrievers. He consider the anatomical look of dogs and nature as equally important so he approaches to dogs holistic. Consequently, he pay attention to every detail.

He raised, trained and presented many national and international champions, and European winners. At the moment he has 25 adult dogs in the kennel, and he own the European Champion, Capronca Gina for 2018, who was awarded in Dortmund.

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