About me:

I was born in 1978. in Rijeka, Croatia, in a family of dog lovers. I have finished University of criminal studies and worked as an inspector in the Ministry of finance, and now for the Government of Croatia as a State Inspector for Tourism. We have always had dogs, from my childhood, and somehow we were stuck with a Spaniels, English cocker spaniels. Immediately I have fallen in love in dog shows and dog handling. As we had British breeds I was very much concentrated in a British dog show scene. In 1991., BIS at the world famous dog show Crufts, won a dog of a breed that I have never seen before, a Clumber Spaniel.

It was that dog who won my heart, and my story has began. I have started researching the breed, reading articles, trying to find as many books as I can about the breed. Difficult time but fun time as then everything was not all available on the internet. Finally I have found the kennel where I want to have my puppy from. From the start I had great communication with my breeders who at the end become my great friends, and there are no words that I can thank them for the patience and the knowledge they wanted to pass on me, my english mentors.

 In 1993. We have imported our first Clumber spaniel from England, soon after that I have moved to England to finish my education there and to gather experience in a famous Clumber spaniel kennel »Belcrum«. While I was staying in England I participated almost all Championship Dog Shows, most Open Shows, Game fairs and Field trials for Spaniels and Retrievers. At that time it was the best thing to do. I was very lucky, I have met all those famous gundog breeders of that time, breeders about whom you can only reed in the books now. As I wanted to learn, I was talking to the breeders, listening to their experiences, learning from them about the morphology of the breed, about health and temperament, gathering my own view of the breed..... with good basis. I am happy that I have friends in the breed which I met then, and some new ones, my English friends which I cherish by heart. 

Since then I am active with my dogs on all dog show levels, at home and abroad. My dogs have won many national and international titles, world and european titles, group placements and BIS and BISS. The crown of my breeding achivement is to win BOB with my ownd dog, bred by me at the Club Show Championship show in Great Britain land of the Clumber Spaniels, also followed by winning BOB at Cruft's…… looking forward for some more good results.

In 2010. Another breed came into my life, from a group of dogs that I have always admired, that are pointing dogs. My special friend Vizsla, a breed so much different from a Clumber spaniel, but a breed which will always have a special place in my heart.

I also co-own Gordon setters and Dachshunds with my friends.

I have been a correspondent of a Clumber Spaniel Club of GB for many years. From 2000. – 2006. I was a president of our local club, SKK Rijeka. Afterwards, I was a member of the executive committee of the Club. Now, I am constantly involved in the Club activities, especially in organizing International Dog Shows held in Rijeka.

As a crown of my achievement is passing my judging exam, and a start of this lovely new experience, judging. I judge as much as my professional work lets me. I am proud I was judging the Clumber spaniel Championship Club show of Great Britain as that is the crown of my work and the privilege I had, I was also invited to judge sweepstakes on the American Clumber spaniel Club Show, I have also done Gold Cup and Silver Cup in Denmark Spaniel Club Speciality and Spaniel speciality show in Norway, but also many more I have donne and enjoyed at home and abroad on National and International level (Norway, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, Serbia, Belgium, Austria, Great Britain and at home in Croatia) andI truly love this as this is my hobby.

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