About me:

I was born in Rijeka, Croatia, in 1961., unfortunately not in a 'doggie' family. Always longing for a dog, I had no options but to start studying, devouring every dog book I could put my hands on. I was immediately hooked by sighthounds and have never swayed from the course. Got my first Afghan hound at the age of 20, adopted another one soon, got involved in showing and decided to qualify for FCI group X. I also owned, showed and loved  Deerhounds and Whippets, and had obtained several championships, have met and befriended many beautiful people. Currently my family is made of the Whippet, Deerhound Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch (my daughter's), a husband and two elderly horses. I am a clinical psychiatrist and psychotherapist (only during office hours). It is my belief that the anatomy is the result of function. Therefore, I was always keen on learning the breed's origins, evolution, utilisation, in order to understand the biomechanics and the resulting standard. I judged national and international shows and sighthound special shows in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, followed by a break in judging (but not owning and enjoying company of a hound) in order to immerse into fascinating world of horses and showjumping. But, I couldn't stay away, the 'hound bug' is incurable. I am truly honoured by my upcoming assignment. I judge hounds, not people. I'm sure you have figured out how to handle your hounds to highlight their virtues and mitigate whatever faults they might have, but I do expect respect towards your dog, your fellow exhibitors and your judge. Looking forward to a great experience!

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