José Homem de Mello



About me:

José Homem de Mello, was born in Lisbon, is married and lives in Carnaxide, a small village
near Lisbon.
His family always had dogs, so he was born and always lived with them.
He and his wife Teresa always loved dogs, and breed Basset Hounds since 1984 and Smooth
Coat Chihuahuas since 2009 with the “dos Sete Moinhos” affix at their house in Carnaxide
where José lives since, he was born.
José’s Basset Hounds are based on European and American lines as he imported several dogs
from the United States in the early 80th.
During these 38 years, the Bassets bred by him won countless prizes, standing out the
- Champions in several countries around the world
- 8 European Winners
-18 World Winners
- 8 times Portugal’s Top Dog of the Year all breeds.
Four of José’s most prestigious prizes were the Best in Show at the 1995 World Show held in
Brussels, with “Ch. Humphrey dos Sete Moinhos”, the Collare D’Oro 2001 in Milan and Best in
Show at the 2003 Helsinki Winner Show with “Ch. Come and Get Me dos Sete Moinhos” that
was also, Top Dog of the Year All Breeds 2003 in Denmark.
A bitch bred by him, Ch. UK May Day dos Sete Moinhos, was very successful in the United
Kingdom. She won 24 CC’s, making her the 3rd best bitch ever in the UK, she was top Basset
Hound 2007 and Best of Breed at Crufts 2009. His father Ch. Come and Get Me dos Sete
Moinhos, which was in the UK for 4 months, was best stud BH in 2006 and 2009 and Sete
Moinhos won the award of Basset Hound Breeder of The Year in 2006.
Now he owns 4 Basset’s and 3 Chihuahuas, and they all live at home, so they can socialize
which, on his opinion, is very important for them.
He has been recognized to award CC’s in Basset-Hound in 1986 and presently he is an
International All Round judge.
José is a recognized judge by the Clube Português de Canicultura, Fédération Cynologique
Internationale, The Royal Kennel Club, American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club and
Australian Kennel Club.
He already judged in most of the European countries, Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil,
Canada, China, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Panamá, Peru, Philippines,
Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Taiwan, Unites States of America, Uruguay, and Zimbabwe.

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