About me:

Owner of “El Retorno” Kennels.

Breeder of Wire and Smooth Fox Terriers, Standard Schnauzer, Whippet, Beagle, Boxer, Short hair Dachshunds, Greyhound, Irish Setter and Cimarron Uruguayo.

He has achieved more than 200 all breed Best in Show with his dogs participating in many countries as well as many World Champion titles.

Some of the winnings are, BIS South American’s championship, BIS at World Dog Show circuit 1997, Group 1st and 2nd in working group at World Dog Show circuit 1999, BOB at World Dog Show 2001, BIS at America’s FCI show 2001, and BISS at National Fox T. Wire Club of America at Montgomery County 2002, Award of Merit Westminster K.C. 2003, Runner up BIS SICALAM Show 2003, BOB and 2nd in group World dog show 2004. Best in Terrier Group World Dog Show 2005. Number 1 all breed dog Brazil 2006, Number 4 all breed dog Brazil 2007, number 2 all breed dog Argentina 2014.

He became a Fox Terrier judge in 1987, and an All Breed FCI judge in 1996.

Specialist judge on Dachshunds, Old English Sheepdog, Boxer, Doberman, Schnauzers, Fox Terriers, Basset Hound, Irish Setters, Poodles, Shih-tzu and Afghan Hound.

Member of the FCI Standard Commission (1999-2022) Current President.

President of the Kennel Club Uruguayo (1996-2000, 2004-2008, 2014-2016)

President of the judges committee of the KCU (2000-2004, 2010-2012 2013-2014, 2016-2018, 2019-2020, 2021-2022)

He has been President of the Cimarron Uruguayo Breeder Society, and councilor of the KCU several times since 1989.

Trainer of new judges in Uruguay and expounder at the America´s and Caribbean Judges Congress in 2003, 2004, 2006, 2009. Expounder on first FCI World Judges Congress on Kiev 2017 and Moscow 2020.

FCI Delegate for Americas and Caribean Show 1999, 2003, 2005 and for the World Dog Show 2005 (Argentina)

He has judged in Australia, New Zeland, Canada, USA, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Rumania, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Portugal, Luxembourg, Italy, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Korea, China, Japan, Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panamá, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay.  

He judged at the World Dog Shows at Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Sweden, Hungary, Finland and Netherlands; at Section FCI Shows of Americas and Caribe at Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, México, Ecuador and Guatemala; and European Section Show of Finland and Switzerland at AKC Invitational Eukanuba World Challenger in USA.

In Australia at the Royals of Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Sydney.

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