About me:

Ante Lucin was born in Split on 1st of October 1979. He comes from a family of Schnauzer lovers - his grandfather had a Black Standard male when Ante was a kid and later his mother bought a Miniature p&s female from which she even bred one litter. Ante bought his first show dog in Spain in 1997, also a Miniature p&s Schnauzer who became his first all-breed Best in Show winner in 1998 and who won BOB at the European show in Austria in 1999.

Ante was involved since his very early age in many different aspects of the sport:


As a journalist:

  • Ante was the author of the seven-minute film about the Croatian dog world which was shown to the FCI delegates in 2003 when Croatian Kennel Club got the organization of the European show.
  • At the moment he is the author and host of the extremely popular live Fb show called “Talking Dogs with Ante” in which Wednesday after Wednesday (already for almost three years) he is interviewing some of the most famous people from the sport. Till now, and only on Facebook, the interviews had over 800 000 views.
  • Since 1996 Ante regularly collaborates with dog magazines from all around the world and has done numerous live & studio reports for the Croatian National Television.


As a show organiser:

  • Since 1995 Ante organised many National and International shows in Croatia including the first Champion of Champions contest in which foreign dogs could take a part.
  • For 16 years he is the President of the Organising Committee, main ring commentator and the MC of the world famous Split 4 summer night shows.



As a professional handler:

  • For more than 20 years Ante worked as an all-breed professional handler and during that period has shown hundreds of different dogs in more than 100 different breeds.
  • He won hundreds of all breed Bests in Show with dogs from 32 different breeds from all ten FCI groups in 20 different European countries.
  • He won European and/or World Winner titles with dogs from 35 different breeds.
  • He was the first Croatian to be invited to the finals of the famous “Collare d’Oro” show in Italy.
  • He won BOB with the Kerry Blue Terrier at the AKC’s Eukanuba National Championship in the USA in 2011.
  • In 2010 he won Utility group 3rd at Crufts with a Dalmatian, in 2011 BOB with the Scottish Terrier and in 2012 CC with the Kerry Blue Terrier.
  • He won numerous wins and placements in different BIS categories and Junior and Adult FCI groups at the World and European shows including Puppy & Veteran Bests in Show on different occasions.
  • History was made at the World show in Argentina in 2005 when Ante won with the Croatian National breed Posavian Hound 2nd place in the FCI group 6. In total he won five groups on different European & World shows.
  • He won BEST IN SHOW with a Great Dane at the European show in 2007, BEST IN SHOW 4th with the same female at the World show in 2009 and Junior BEST IN SHOW with the Lhasa Apso at the World show in 2016.


As a breeder:

  • Since 2008 he was the co-owner of one of the most winning European kennels “Kan Trace” where he, together with Natalija Kalecak Radovanovic bred many European & World Winners and Specialty and all breed Best in Show winners in Standard Smooth Dachshunds, PBGVs, Weimaraners and Lagottos.
  • Since 2014 he breeds under the kennel name “Aidante” Standard Smooth Dachshund, Scottish Terriers and Miniature Black Schnauzers.
  • Dogs owned and bred by Aidante kennel won already many European and World Winner titles, Specialty and all breeds Bests in Show.
  • In 2022 Aidante Scotties won BOB both at the World & the European show and in 2023 the same happened in Miniature Black Schnauzers.



As the owner:

  • In the past Ante owned a multiple Champion and group winning Whippet and co-owned a BIS Multi Ch Standard Black Poodle.
  • At the moment he owns dogs in three breeds that he breeds, a Multi BIS, WW, EW & Crufts BOB Affenpinscher and shares life with few amazing Lhasa Apsos.
  • Together with Sabina Zdunic Sinkovic of the “Kan Trace” kennel Ante co-owns few Lagottos including the history maker female Orca who among many Bests in Show in Europe and USA was USA’s 2nd Top Dog All Breeds in 2021 and Crufts Best in Show winner in 2023.


As a junior handling judge:

  • Ante judged junior handling on many occasions in many different countries including the first Junior Handler of the Year contest in Croatia, the European show in Finland, finals at the European show in Romania, Stockholm & Helsinki Winner shows and many others.


As an FCI’s International judge:

  • Ante is at the moment approved to judge FCI group 4 breeds and different breeds from the FCI groups 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 & 9.
  • Till now he judged National, International and Specialty shows in Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Serbia, Belgium, Germany and Finland.
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