About me:

I am MARKO LJUTIĆ, and over the past twenty years, I've embarked on a remarkable journey as a dog judge, breeder, and ardent show enthusiast. My experiences have taken me across the World, from Finland to Israel, as I've had the honor of evaluating exceptional canine companions. I've had the privilege of officiating dog shows in a range of countries, including Finland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Israel, Iceland, Ukraine, and many more.

As a judge, my approach is to select dogs that epitomize their breed's standard, exhibiting a harmonious blend of structure, temperament, and health.

When I step into the judging ring, my process is meticulous. I begin by observing the dogs in motion, inviting exhibitors to move up and down and around to reveal any compensations or structural issues. Soundness in every aspect is a paramount criterion for my selections. During the final evaluation, while the dogs are stacked, I conduct a hands-on examination to confirm my initial impressions. I hold a deep appreciation for dogs that are well-balanced and exude vitality.

Beyond judging, my passion extends to dog breeding. My journey into pure dog breeding commenced 15 years ago when I imported my first Australian Shepherd bitch directly from the USA. In the blink of an eye, our first litter produced champions, group winners, and even Best in Show titleholders. By the third litter, we achieved a milestone with a Junior European Winner and Best of Breed at the Eurodog show. My breeding efforts later expanded to include Affenpinschers imported from Sweden, resulting in Reserve European Winners and Junior European Winners. Notably, one of our Affenpinscher puppies became the most winning male in the UK for the year 2018. My latest venture is into breeding Whippets, a breed that has captured my heart and kindled a new passion.

Apart from judging and breeding, I am deeply involved in local dog clubs. For eight years, I served as the president of the Club for Shepherds and Mountain Dogs, where I was a dedicated member of the breeding committee. My commitment to various breeds also led me to become a member of the Sighthound Club and the Dalmatian Club of Croatia. As part of the organizing team, we diligently work to ensure the success of the annual Dalmatian Show specialty.

However, my journey is not solely about judging and breeding. It's also about my love for showing and performing. I revel in the opportunity to showcase dogs in the ring, helping them radiate with type, balance, and enthusiasm. The connection between handler and dog, the thrill of the show ring, and the satisfaction of presenting a well-prepared canine performer are all elements that fuel my passion.

I am immensely grateful to every exhibitor and dog enthusiast who has entrusted their dogs to my judgment over the years. Recently, I will have the honor of judging at CACIB Zagreb during the World Dog Show 2024., an experience that stands out as a true privilege.

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