About me:

I am a dog owner and breeder from a very young age. Ever since I can remember, dogs have always been a part of my life and my family. I have been a member in the Israeli Kennel Club since 1987. During those years I’ve been active in several positions, such as President of the Israeli San Bernard and Newfoundland Club for 14 years, and Breed Supervisor for the French Bulldog breeders in the Toy Dog Club for about 10 years. I was lucky to have owned and bred French Bulldog and Newfoundland under my FCI Kennel name “SHAIOR”, which was registered in 1992. As I am an Israeli citizen, I had to enlist in the army; during my military service, I served for 8 years as the Commandor of the Canine Unit in the Air Force. I completed my service as the IAF Dog Training School Commander. I graduated from various training courses, in Israel and abroad, in the Military field and the civilian field as well. I have completed successfully an Advanced Dog Training course at the Israeli Police, and Water Rescue Dog Training courses (Newfoundland) abroad. I started judging in 2006 and I am now qualified for the FCI All Breed Judge. I alredy judged in: Israel, Italy, Belgium, Lituenia, Astonia, Greece, Cyprus, Russia, Findland , Peru and San Marino. I was also the Vice President of IKC Judges Directory and member of the board for 3 years. In the two and a half years I have been active as President of The Israeli Kennel Club IKC.

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