About me:

I was born in a part of Croatia  were horses and sheep were part of everyday live.
My family always had Sheppard dogs. Since I was a kid my passion for dogs was bigger than anything else.
Liter I enter the world of golden retrievers because I wanted to have a pac of dogs who are tolerant towards people and dogs equals and I fell in love with golden retrievers.
I wanted dogs who don t have a predatory instinct nd I found them in golden retrievers.
I started breeding dogs in 1999 and passed my cynology judge licencence that year.
Later, I became a cynology judge for dogs from fci group 7 and group 8, as well as a judge for two breeds from group 2, which are Tornjak and Rottwiller.
I was 8 years President of the Rottweiler club in Croatia and chairman of the breading club.
I founded a golden retriever kennel under the name Imperium Salonae in the nineties. Until now, I have judged in most European countries , often special exhibitions for retrievers. I spent the last 10 years  school as a trainer and instructor of therapy dogs and assistance dogs at the school for guide dogs in Zagreb. Labradors won me over in their helping roles for children with difficulties and people with disabilities. 3 months ago, I moved from Zagreb to beautiful Istria to the city of Pula, which is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. My mission is to create an educational center for therapy dogs in Pula, where labradors will play the main role. It's a great honor that you invited me to your dog show, I'm looking forward to that event and I'm impatiently waiting to see the dogs at your club

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